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At least one San Antonio Animal Services dog was prepared for high water.  (SAACS/Facebook photo)

Why San Antonio Animal Care Services did not promptly impound a gunshot-wounded mastiff found running in a pack

by Merritt Clifton SAN ANTONIO, Texas––It was no secret in San Antonio, Texas that Memorial Day 2015 weekend promised to be three days from hell. Predicted Accuweather meteorologist Brian Thompson on Friday, May 22, 2015, “Another round of downpours and thunderstorms will bring a renewed threat for flooding from Kansas to Texas…Cities that are at greatest risk for significant flooding this holiday weekend include Oklahoma City, Dallas to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.” The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the San Antonio area. Road closures due to flash floods had already been occurring on the east side of San Antonio for at … [Read More...]

Fanalei dolphin hunters pose with some of the dolphins they killed in January 2013.

Will Solomon Islands dolphin hunters profit from crackdown on Taiji?

      TOKYO, BERKELEY––The Japanese Association of Zoos & Aquariums may have sunk the profits from “drive fishery” dolphin massacres at Taiji, Japan,  but what does the JAZA decision mean for the apparently bigger “drive fishery” killings at Fanalei, in the Solomon Islands? Facing expulsion from the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the JAZA board on May 20,  2015 “decided that JAZA will prohibit its members from acquiring wild dolphins caught by drive fishing in Taiji and from taking part in their export and sale,” JAZA wrote to WAZA.          But, Japan Times staff writer Tomoko Otake reported, “JAZA chair Kazutoshi Arai told a news conference that the decision was on … [Read More...]

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Growing & learning with ANIMALS 24-7

A year and one month after launching, ANIMALS 24-7 has just reached several important milestones. One major milestone is that the fast-increasing ANIMALS 24-7 international audience recently outgrew the capacity of our original web server. We have now completed an upgrade to a server that can handle as many as 100,000 readers per day. It costs … [Read More...]

Even Dildo buyer loses interest in Atlantic Canadian sealing products

         ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland––A token Atlantic Canada seal hunt opened on April 12, 2015, but as of May 4,  2015,  only 28,778 seal pelts had been landed,  according to the Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans,  of a quota of 468,000.          Potential buyers for seal products were nowhere in sight,  despite $5.7 million in … [Read More...]

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Tennessee columnist equates frog-gigging contest with school prayer

         SMITHVILLE, Tennessee––The DeKalb County Young Farmers & Ranchers annual frog-gigging contest, arguably the most bizarre of the hundreds of wildlife killing contests held in the U.S. each year, has elicited one of the most bizarre defenses of the mayhem, as well. Frog-gigging consists of spotting frogs at night with a flashlight, … [Read More...]

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life

by Gene Baur & Gene Stone Rodale Press & Raincoast Books (33 East Minor Street,  Emmaus,  PA 18098),  2015.  320 pages,  hardcover.  $29.99. Reviewed by Beth Clifton                   "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." ––VICTOR HUGO (French novelist)   Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is so much more than a … [Read More...]

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(American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign photo)

Sex, drugs, & wild horses

         WASHINGTON D.C.––Friends of Animals on May 20, 2015 asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to “consider new scientific evidence demonstrating the need to cancel the registration of porcine zona pellucida (PZP) for population control of America’s wild horses and burros, which was issued to the Humane Society of the United States in 2012,” the FoA cover letter to EPA chief … [Read More...]

Derrick Felton Attack

Judge marks “Dog Bite Prevention Week” with $100 million award to pit bull victim

         DETROIT––Wayne County Circuit Judge Daphne Means Curtis on May 19, 2015 awarded $100 million to pit bull attack victim and care volunteer Steven Constantine, 50, sending a “Dog Bite Prevention Week” warning to animal shelters and rescues nationwide. The $100 million award, against pit bull owner Derrick “Butch” Felton, 61, and his mother, Elizabeth Collins Felton, is the second highest … [Read More...]

Rhonda & chicken

Blue Buffalo feels the heat from rendered poultry byproducts

         ST. LOUIS, Missouri; WILTON, Connecticut; RANCHO SANTA FE, California––Poultry byproducts are typically rendered into dog food at about 140 degrees Celsius, 284 degrees Fahrenheit. A year after Purina sued Blue Buffalo over alleged false advertising, Blue Buffalo and Blue Buffalo ingredients supplier Wilbur-Ellis appear to be feeling the heat, and the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s … [Read More...]


Dog Bite Prevention Weak, 2015

by Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Prevention Week 2015,  May 17-23, was announced by the American Humane Association on May 14,  2015––the same day that former child care provider Jena Wright, 26, of Prairie City, Iowa, was convicted of four criminal offenses in connection with the April 2013 fatal pit bull mauling of four-year-old Jordyn Arndt. The pit bull had been raised among small … [Read More...]