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Death of Cecil: Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife responds

Bow hunting suspended Press Statement by the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority on Measures to Improve the Administration of Hunting in the County Following the illegal killing of an iconic lion,  Cecil,  outside the HwangeNational Park on Antoinette farm in Gwayi River Conservancy on the 1st of July 2015,  it has become necessary that the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority further tightens hunting regulations in all areas outside the Parks Estate. The Authority working with other law enforcement agencies has launched a crackdown to weed out any undesirable elements.  To date our law enforcement agencies are following up on all found or reported cases and … [Read More...]


Spillover:  Animal Infections & The Next Human Pandemic

  by David Quammen W.W. Norton and Company (500 5th Ave.,  New York, NY  10110),  2012.  592 pages,  hardcover.  $28.95 Reviewed by Merritt Clifton Now,  at the height of by far the worst outbreak of Ebola virus on record,  is an excellent time to either read or re-read David Quammen's 2012 opus Spillover:  Animal Infections & The Next Human Pandemic. Ebola virus is a disease spread from bats to humans through the consumption of "bushmeat,"  not only the consumption of bats themselves but also the consumption of other primates who have become infected. Once Ebola virus enters humans,  however,  it spreads rapidly from human to human,  especially through the practices of … [Read More...]

Costco, General Mills, Prop 2, and HSUS: New Day – Same Problem

   by Bradley Miller (Bradley Miller founded the Humane Farming Association,  www.hfa.org,  for which he is national director,  in 1985.) By now you have likely noticed the flow of press releases from some of the largest marketers of factory-raised meat, dairy, and eggs –– and the Humane Society of the U.S. –– announcing supposedly “game … [Read More...]

Medics warn against letting the world go to rat piss

         MUMBAI,  India;  ORLANDO, Florida—Fifteen human residents of Mumbai, India’s richest and largest city, died during the first 10 days of July 2015 from leptospirosis, a preventable but little recognized disease mostly associated with rat and dog urine. Another 30 patients were reportedly hospitalized with advanced leptospirosis … [Read More...]

Were Zimbabwean baby elephants bootlegged to China?

10th July 2015 The Elephant Story by Johnny Rodrigues In January 2014 we heard that Rowan Martin and Hank Jenkins were tasked with going around Zimbabwe to locate some elephants to be exported to China.  They were apparently paid quite well for this and they finally decided on Hwange National Park. In August 2014 tourists in Hwange … [Read More...]

Did the Gadhi Mai Temple Trust renege on deal to quit animal sacrifice?

Were leading animal charities scammed?          KATHMANDU, Nepal––Could the Humane Society of the U.S., Humane Society International, and leading Indian and Nepalese animal charities all have been scammed by the July 28, 2015 alleged agreement of the Gadhi Mai Temple Trust to discontinue animal sacrifice?          Was there some … [Read More...]

Most popular breed in U.S. ain’t nothing but a hound dog

Large retrievers 2nd,  pit bulls 3rd  Max the Malinois, whose story opened in theatres on June 26, 2015,   may capture movie-goers’ hearts, but the most popular dog breed category in the U.S. still ain’t nothing but a hound dog. Hounds have made up 8.5% of the total U.S. dog population on average since 2010, or about six million dogs at any … [Read More...]

Horses' rear ends in Cheyenne

Exposing sadism of rodeo attracts more sadists to watch it

Three rodeos hit by ad campaigns all made more money          CHEYENNE, RENO, SALINAS––Exposing the sadism of rodeo appears to just attract more sadists to watch it, 2015 attendance claims indicate. Cheyenne Frontier Days, the Reno Rodeo, and California Rodeo Salinas all reported surging paid admissions in summer 2015: an increase of almost 11,000, to a record 98,246 in Cheyenne, eight out of … [Read More...]

Free Pit Bull Training albuquerque

Albuquerque pound broke city’s own dangerous dog law

City withholds details about consequences          ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico––A City of Albuquerque internal investigation has found the city’s Animal Welfare Department to be “only partially in compliance” with the city dangerous dog ordinance, including in rehoming dogs who should have been classified as dangerous. What the cost has been to public safety remains unclear, since the City of … [Read More...]

Thong Jai & Carol Buckley

Elephant sanctuarian Carol Buckley takes up fencing

"Good fences make good neighbors." ––Robert Frost Whatever became of Carol Buckley, the former circus elephant trainer who founded the world-renowned Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee,   but made a controversial exit in March 2010? “Buckley is currently in Thailand installing the country's first solar powered chain-free corrals for captive elephants,” Elephant Aid International publicist … [Read More...]

The Hindu on eles

When trains & elephants collide

"India ain't big enough for both of us."          PALAKKAD, India––The alleged lingering death of an elephant two years after the elephant was hit by a train has revived attention to frequent lethal conflict between two deeply entrenched symbols of India: elephants, of religious symbolism in Hinduism and Buddhism for more than 2,000 years, and Indian Railways, the national rail carrier, which … [Read More...]