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Pit bull impounded in Sevierville.  (WBIR)

When are alleged fighting dogs not pit bulls?

SEVIERVILLE, Tennessee––When are 50 pit bulls seized from an alleged fighting dog breeding kennel in rural Tennessee not pit bulls? When the Humane Society of the U.S. helps with the bust,  writes the press release about it,  and distributes it to media nationwide, while pushing the repeal of an Aurora, Colorado ordinance meant to ensure that people who keep pit bulls keep them out of trouble. Bannered WBIR-TV of Knoxville, “50 pit bulls seized from suspected dog fighting operation.” Elaborated the WBIR staff account, “Mark Heatherly, 47, of Sevierville, was charged with two counts of dog fighting, with additional charges pending. His wife, Kimberly Heatherly, 45, and son, Jacob R. … [Read More...]

Barn swallow babies.  (Beth Clifton)

27 ways to avoid hitting animals that may save your life too!

by Merritt Clifton 1) The most important tip of all: It is easier and safer to anticipate animals in the road than it is to miss them once they are in front of you. Watch for motion in roadside grass and shrubs. Remember that most lines in the woods are vertical. If you see something horizontal, it may be an animal. 2) Usually the safest thing to do, upon suddenly meeting any animal in the road, is to calmly slow down, and if necessary, stop. Don't honk or try to outguess the animal, and don't slam on your brakes. Just slow down as quickly as you can without risking a skid, and stop, if necessary, as gently as you can. Allow the animal time to react and move aside, and proceed with … [Read More...]

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Top ten reasons to donate now to ANIMALS 24-7

First, the animal news you won’t find anywhere else: 1) 27 ways to avoid hitting animals that may save your life too! 2) Why we cannot adopt our way out of shelter killing 3) Why pit bulls will break your heart 4) Don’t bully my breed, but we will bully the victims 5) Rollover crash reignites controversy over dog rescue traffic from U.S. to … [Read More...]

Florida lab investigated for neglect that killed a monkey

            TAMPA,  PORTLAND,  ST. LOUIS––The University of South Florida police department has reportedly opened an investigation into whether criminal acts were committed when water was withheld from monkeys overnight in April 2013 and three times in December 2013. “At least one primate died, and several others developed ketosis,” alleged Stop … [Read More...]

Three pit bull stories to chew on

News analysis by Barbara Kay    The news cycle of the last two weeks has turned up two remarkable pit bull-related stories in North America, both worthy of editorial mastication, so to speak.  There is a third story, also noteworthy and included below, which didn’t make the mainstream news, but should have. The first story, out of … [Read More...]

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Is “green building” better for wildlife?

  by Merritt Clifton Is “green building” better for wildlife? Yes and no. Before answering that question, we need to more precisely define the terms. First, what exactly do we mean by “green building”? Second, what exactly do we mean by “better”? There are a variety of different and sometimes conflicting definitions of “green … [Read More...]

NIH discontinues funding studies on “random source” dogs

WASHINGTON D.C.––The National Institutes of Health on October 1, 2014 discontinued funding experiments using dogs obtained from “random sources,” meaning pounds, other animal shelters, and bunchers commonly called “Class B dealers.” The NIH cessation of funding for research “is in response to a 2009 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) report … [Read More...]

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Aurora, Colorado: reject risk-taking pit bull advocates’ attempt to gamble with your lives and the lives of your animals

News analysis by Beth Clifton Holding signs mingling patriotic imagery with silhouettes of pit bulls, displaying ear-to-ear crocodilian grins for media, pit bull advocates on October 11, 2014 gathered near Bicentennial Park in Aurora, Colorado, to urge Aurora voters to repeal an alleged pit bull ban. The “ban,” in effect since October 2005, actually just requires people who keep pit bulls to … [Read More...]

Coconut vendor at the Dakchankali Temple near Kathmandu.  Nepalese Hindus sacrifice easily 100 times more coconuts than animals,  even in temples like Dakchankali where animal sacrifice is also practiced.

Exposing the truth of the Gadhi Mai sacrificial slaughter

by Merritt Clifton           KATHMANDU,  WASHINGTON D.C.––Even by the frequently hyperbolic standards of activist alerts and fundraising appeals,  an alert distributed on October 2,  2014 by Humane Society International chief executive Andrew Rowan was grossly exaggerated. "Next month,"  Rowan wrote,  "the Gadhi Mai Festival will take place at a temple in southern Nepal. The two-day event … [Read More...]

Pit bull advocates protest in front of Julie Kowal's memorial to dog attack victims.

“Don’t bully my breed, but we will bully the victims.”

by Beth Clifton A tribute art memorial entitled “Out of the Blue,” honoring 30 recent victims of fatal dog attacks, was unveiled on September 24, 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Wyoming,  Michigan resident Joan Kowal as an entry in ArtPrize, an annual outdoor art contest attracting upward of 1,500 entrants and more than 400,000 votes from viewers who select the award-winning entries. Each … [Read More...]

Merritt Clifton (BC)

32 years of logging fatal & disfiguring dog attacks

Editorial  by Merritt Clifton David Glass, 51,   of Lamar, Mississippi, on September 21, 2014 became the 300th person to be fatally mauled by pit bulls in the 32 years that I have logged fatal and disfiguring dog attacks within the U.S. and Canada. While the Glass family grieves, I am adding up columns of numbers. Thirty-two years ago, as a young reporter investigating the exotic animal … [Read More...]