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Introducing Calcium Chloride Castration

by Ruth Steinberger,  founder,  Spay First ( On July 24,  2015 a company called Calcium Chloride Castration, the brainchild of Canadian veterinarian Peter Denooij,  will launch the sale of pharmaceutical grade calcium chloride dihydrate for the non-surgical castration of male dogs and cats at a daylong event in the Dominican Republic.  Each premeasured dose will be mixed with readily available and inexpensive ethyl alcohol prior to injection.  It will be available to veterinarians worldwide.  In many ways it is a first. Calcium chloride castration, a technique first published in the US in 1978, provides a low-tech, low-cost way to provide canine and feline neutering. This … [Read More...]

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How the Americans with Disabilities Act has become the “Pit Bull Pushers Act”

  TALLAHASSEE––Florida on July 1, 2015 joined California and a growing number of other states which have criminalized claiming that an unqualified pet is a service animal. The state laws seek to reinforce Department of Justice regulatory amendments issued in 2011 that narrowed the former definition of service animal to include only dogs and miniature horses who have been trained to perform specific useful tasks for disabled people. But the 2011 Department of Justice amendments stopped far short of recognizing a right to public health and safety that supersedes the right of disabled individuals to privacy about the nature of their disabilities. Putting the right of … [Read More...]

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Nine lives running out at Serenity Springs Wildlife Center

         COLORADO SPRINGS––If the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center,  of Calhan, Colorado, had only nine lives, it might have been closed already. But if big cats really had nine lives, the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center might still have the 138 animals it claimed to house circa 2010, instead of the 113 it had in 2014, according to USDA Animal … [Read More...]

Bangalore to pay dog bite victims $31.50 per puncture

         BANGALORE, India––Taking a unique approach to dog bite prevention, the Bangalore municipal government on June 21, 2015 announced that it will begin compensating the victims of bites by street dogs at the rate of 2,000 rupees per puncture wound:   about $31.50 in U.S. dollars. The compensation scale is to increase with the severity of … [Read More...]

Sea Shepherds to pay Japanese whalers $2.55 million in damages

U.S. animal charities have now paid circa $28 million in damages to animal use industries in 31 months FRIDAY HARBOR, Washington––The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has agreed to pay at least $2.55 million in damages to the Institute of Cetacean Research and Kyodo Senpaku, the entities operating the Japanese “research” whaling … [Read More...]

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SHARK & Fish Feel fight “The Battle of the Rays”

PATUXENT, OAK ISLAND, WASHINGTON D.C.––On Saturday, June 13, 2015, dozens of men pointlessly killed perhaps hundreds of harmless cownose rays––among the smallest and most innocuous members of the shark family––near the mouth of the Patuxent River on Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Hosted by Fred’s Sports, self-described as “Southern Maryland’s largest … [Read More...]

Tennessee columnist equates frog-gigging contest with school prayer

         SMITHVILLE, Tennessee––The DeKalb County Young Farmers & Ranchers annual frog-gigging contest, arguably the most bizarre of the hundreds of wildlife killing contests held in the U.S. each year, has elicited one of the most bizarre defenses of the mayhem, as well. Frog-gigging consists of spotting frogs at night with a flashlight, … [Read More...]

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Merritt Clifton talks about his work

ANIMALS 24-7 editor Merritt Clifton took a few minutes recently to discuss his work with his wife Beth Clifton (who held the camera) on a YouTube video,  while a cat and a dog kibbitzed. Two-part short video series with Merritt Clifton, editor of Animals 24-7. Please donate to support our … [Read More...]

Robert A. Brown & Lisa Shapiro

Bob Brown & Lisa Shapiro used marketing to help farmed animals

Robert A. Brown, 82, and Lisa Shapiro, 51, who shared their concern for farm animal welfare but took starkly opposite market-based approaches to expressing it, died recently in Tucson, Arizona, and Boulder, Colorado. Brown can be credited with initiating the “happy meat” approach, seeking to reform agribusiness by developing competition from farmers committed to rearing animals in more natural … [Read More...]

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Courting hen & egg producers leads animal charities into deep @#$%

         FRESNO, California––Which came first, the American Humane Association and Humane Society of the U.S. courting dances with hen and egg producers, or egg on the faces of spokespersons trying to explain the chicken poop outcomes? Frequently bitter rivals since 1954, when former American Humane Association publicist Fred Myers left the AHA to found HSUS, the AHA and HSUS have in recent … [Read More...]

Noah,  age 3,  instructs ostrich against sticking her head in the sand.  (Greg Robbins photo)

Do you believe animal charities should listen to you?

If you read ANIMALS 24-7, you obviously care a lot about animals––probably every day,  every hour,  every minute. But how do you describe your concern for animals to others?  Do you describe yourself as an animal advocate,  animal rights activist,  animal welfarist,  humane voter, donor to animal causes,  animal lover,  all of these depending on context,  or in some other manner? Do you ever … [Read More...]