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Rebecca Katz (SF/ACC photo)

Author of San Francisco ordinance requiring pit bull sterilization appears to be victim of militant advocates

             SAN FRANCISCO––San Francisco Department of Animal Care & Control director Rebecca Katz was quietly dismissed on July 25, 2014––but her exit did not remain quiet for long. “Rebecca Katz, San Francisco's well-liked director of Animal Care and Control, is no longer with the city,” mourned Marisa Lagos of SFGate. “This is a good day for the shelter animals,” responded, an anonymous militant no-kill and pit bull advocacy entity. Philosophically aligned with No Kill Advocacy Center founder Nathan Winograd, debuted in 2008 and had gunned for Katz ever since. Several other militant no-kill and pro-pit bull media voiced … [Read More...]


Galunker, by Douglas Anthony Cooper, reviewed by Barbara Kay

[Barbara Kay is a columnist for The National Post,  of Toronto,  Ontario.]   Up until now, the charm offensive by intellectuals in the pit bull advocacy movement (PBAM) has been confined to publications targeting people capable of reading them. Now Canadian novelist, Huffington Post blogger , and pit bull enthusiast Douglas Anthony Cooper has taken pit bull rescue activism to a brand new level of advocacy hutzpah. Cooper’s latest book, Galunker, due out in December, will actually peddle pit bulls to preschoolers. We know a great deal about the book, because its production has been funded with a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. (Indeed, a tweet July 1 announcing “We … [Read More...]

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Ask Beth: Indoor/outdoor cats with feline HIV

Beth Clifton is a veterinary technician, former animal control officer, and former police officer. Beth welcomes your questions about any aspect of animal care & control, c/o ANIMALS 24.7 “Comments” or Q - I was curious as to what you recommend for cats with feline HIV. We have an indoor/outdoor cat,  Izzy, who runs … [Read More...]

Pit bulls, immigrants, & the alleged Islamic jihad against dogs

  Alexandra Semyonova comments from The Netherlands: Every once in a while allegations that Muslim immigrants to Europe are anti-dog erupt again in the media, sometimes due to a real declaration by a radical Muslim group,  but more often due to a widely publicized incident involving someone who happens to be Muslim objecting to the presence … [Read More...]

Pit bulls were 32% of U.S. shelter inventory in June 2014

About two-thirds of the dogs in U.S. shelters as of June 2014 were housed by tax-funded animal care and control facilities, 22% were housed by open-admission humane societies, and 12% were housed by selective admission no-kill shelters and rescues, according to the annual ANIMALS 24-7 summer survey of shelter dog inventory. Of the dogs housed in … [Read More...]

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While the road to hell is paved with good intentions, a proposed road bisecting the Serengeti wildebeest migration route may not be paved at all

NAIROBI––The East African Court of Justice on June 20, 2014 ruled against a Tanzanian government scheme to build a 34-mile stretch of paved highway through Serengeti National Park. The route might have blocked the annual migration of more than a million wildebeest, and might even more likely have become the most heavily trafficked poached corridor … [Read More...]

Bern: the bear pits are gone, but culling continues

BERN––The Dahlholzli Zoo in Bern, the Swiss city named for bears,  and infamous for centuries of exhibiting bears in pits, on June 25, 2014 reignited controversy over zoo culling practices by announcing that the remains of a healthy young bear called Cub 4 would be thawed after two months on ice and taxidermically mounted. “When it was observed … [Read More...]

“Stamping out” fails again to stop bird flu in South Korea

            DAEGU, South Korea––Less than six months after South Korea killed 13.8 million poultry to try to stop the spread of the H5N8 avian flu, cases have reappeared in three central and southern provinces, whetting fears that farmed birds throughout the nation may be at risk. The re-emergence of H5N8 in North Chungcheong, Gangwon, and South … [Read More...]

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The cartoon hunter Elmer Fudd was reputedly modeled on Dwight Eisenhower,  U.S. president from 1952 to 1960.

Why U.S. Senate Democrats dance with Elmer Fudd & his hunting buddies

            WASHINGTON D.C.––Why are ranking U.S. Senate Democrats seemingly hellbent on passing the “Sportsmen’s Act,” S. 2363, despite the opposition of more than 100 usually pro-Democratic animal and environmental protection charities? “To give a couple of southern Democrats––lead sponsor Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas––a political talking point as they campaign in … [Read More...]

Adolph Joseph Antanavage  shooting pigeons.  (SHARK photo)

Echoes of the Old South in pigeon-shooting lawyer’s promotion to judge

HARRISBURG––Neither the slave-owning South, shot-wounded pigeons, nor the practice of pigeon shooting in civilized societies are ever likely to rise again, but the Pennsylvania State Senate Judiciary Committee on June 26, 2014 ratified the promotion of Berks County attorney Adolph Joseph Antanavage to a Court of Common Pleas judgeship, even though Showing Animals Respect & Kindness videotaped … [Read More...]

Bali dogcatchers at work.  These appear to be catching dogs for vaccination.  (BAWA)

How BAWA beat the dog-cullers in one Bali banjar

            GIANYAR, Bali, Indonesia––The Bali Animal Welfare Association on July 3, 2014 claimed a small victory for vaccinating dogs against rabies and educating the public in Singapadu Tengah village, Gianyar regency, Bali. Responding to a June 26, 2014 directive from Bali governor Made Mangku Pastika, public officials “were scheduled to eliminate stray dogs in the village on June 30,” BAWA … [Read More...]

Lionesses.  (MC)

When zoos close the bughouse

by Merritt Clifton The demise of the bughouse at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. is of symbolic importance signifying much more than the chance to make puns.  Closed at the June 2014 summer solstice,  the National Zoo bughouse was just that,  a bug exhibit opened in 1987,  toward the end of the epoch in which zoos were organized by principles of taxonomy instead of ecology.  But the term … [Read More...]