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International Animal Rescue cofounder John Hicks dies at 63

John Hicks, 63, cofounder of Animal Activists, International Animal Rescue, and International Animal Rescue/Goa, “passed away earlier this week,” Federation of Indian Animal Welfare Societies spokesperson Varda Mehrotra e-mailed to FIAPO membership on February 27, 2015. “All of us at FIAPO are saddened to hear of this,” Mehrotra continued. “Our thoughts are with Jo, his partner, and all of his beautiful animals who must undoubtedly be missing his familiar love and care.” Born in England on April 27, 1951, Hicks at age 17, in 1968, joined the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Initially Hicks trained dogs to detect explosives, including buried land mines, and to track suspicious persons in … [Read More...]

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Produced by Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn A.U.M. Films & First Spark Media documentary Animals United Movement A.U.M., 2014 85 minutes running time. $9.95 as download; $19.95 DVD; discounts available for orders of five, 10, and 25 copies at a time. Screening licenses available for $108 up. “Organizers in the US can also host a screening in selected theaters at NO COST to you through our partner Please click here for more information.”  Reviewed by Merritt Clifton I cannot recall the last time, if ever, that I gave a film a standing ovation, but Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret earned one at a sparsely attended February 28, 2015 special showing at the … [Read More...]

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Steve Hindi repeats 15-year-old challenge to NRA to debate pigeon shoots

CHICAGO––Reprising a 15-year-old challenge to debate the ethics and morality of pigeon shooting, made originally in person, that the National Rifle Association leadership never accepted, Showing Animals Respect & Kindness founder Steve Hindi on February 12, 2015 called out the NRA leaders again in a nationally publicized YouTube video. … [Read More...]

The Queen (her reproductive cycle may surprise you)

by W. Marvin Mackie, D.V.M. QuickSpay & Consulting San Pedro, California There is a thoughtful new movement designed to get to the next and final phase of ending domestic annual over-production of kittens. The over-production problem is becoming known in animal shelters as the kitten tsunami which occurs each late spring/early summer. The … [Read More...]

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ASPCA and the Humane Alliance move toward merger

ASHEVILLE, N.C.;  NEW YORK, N.Y.––The American SPCA, the oldest animal advocacy organization in the U.S., and the Humane Alliance, the largest facilitator of nonprofit spay/neuter surgery, are exploring the possibility of a merger. “While nothing is final at this point, we intend to merge with Humane Alliance,” affirmed ASPCA president Matthew … [Read More...]

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Max the Rottweiler.  
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For Animal Rights & Human Rights: A Case for Breed-Specific Legislation

Why do we let people breed "bully" dogs, let alone sell them? by Lee Hall The orientation for new U.S. mail carriers includes a half-day of video clips showing guard dogs charging professional dog trainers. The carrier learns: When taken on by an aggressive dog—and as a mail carrier you will be, probably soon and probably often—stand and face the dog with your lower torso covered by your … [Read More...]

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Casualties of the “save rate”: 40,000 animals at failed no-kill shelters & rescues

by Merritt Clifton At least 25,000 dogs and 15,000 cats found at failed no-kill shelters and rescues from 2005 through 2014 might be politely described as casualties of the “save rate,” also known as the “live release rate.” The numbers of dogs and cats impounded by law enforcement from failed shelters and rescues dropped sharply in 2013, after a record 6,020 impoundments in 2012, but … [Read More...]

Sea lions greet a visitor to rocks off the Oregon coast.  (Beth Clifton photo)

California sea lions, starving in their rookeries, take heat for salmon losses

ASTORIA, Oregon; SAN FRANCISCO, California––From the Channel Islands to the Farallons, the heart of California sea lion breeding habitat, marine mammal rescuers are struggling for the third consecutive winter to save some of what appears to be fast becoming a lost generation of the species. Conservationists, paradoxically, including U.S. Representative Kurt Schrader (D-Oregon) and recently … [Read More...]

Evolving in waterfowl,  influenzas mutate to infect humans and other species.  (Beth Clifton photo)

High pathogenic avian flu hits U.S. through backyard flocks

BELLINGHAM, Washington––Backyard poultry have become an incubator for high pathogenic strains of avian influenza throughout the Pacific Northwest, with recent outbreaks occurring from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia to northern California, and as far east as Idaho. The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service were as of February 13, 2015 … [Read More...]