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Joan Jett rodeo poster

Rock star Joan Jett: vegetarian animal advocate or rodeo clown?

    CHEYENNE––Is Joan Jett of the Blackhearts a “legendary musician” who “has given her voice to animals for years,” and “attributes her great health and youthful appearance to her longtime vegetarian diet,” as PETA has it, or just a fading 57-year-old former star playing out the string on the rodeo circuit after undergoing extensive plastic surgery, as some web critics allege? Showing Animals Respect & Kindness founder Steve Hindi and Kinship Circle cofounder Janet Enoch, working for SHARK since 2006, are beginning to wonder. Videotaping and exposing animal injuries and violent deaths at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyoming since 2005, SHARK took … [Read More...]

Volunteers crating pit bulls for transport after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  (MC)

Rollover crash reignites controversy over dog rescue traffic from U.S. to Canada

EDMONTON––A September 13, 2014 rollover crash near Olds, Alberta that killed at least three dogs in a load of 30 has reignited debate over the practice of importing dogs from U.S. shelters into Canada. The seven a.m. accident came toward the end of a multi-day drive from the Los Angeles area to an adoption event in Edmonton. Two volunteer drivers for a Saskatchewan-based dog rescue organization reportedly escaped with minor injuries after flipping their SUV and a horse trailer full of crated dogs on Alberta Highway 2, just south of Highway 27. Royal Canadian Mounted Police corporal Mike Dunsmore said “driver fatigue was a factor, while alcohol, speed, weather and road condition had all … [Read More...]

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Pit bulls, Trooper & “The personal is political”

News analysis by Barbara Kay When I began writing regularly for Canada’s National Post, my editor told me that two kinds of news stories can be counted on to attract heated response from readers, and plenty of it: sports and animals. Even thus forewarned, I was taken aback by the virulence of the feedback my first column on pit bulls provoked. … [Read More...]

Obsessed about pit bulls?

Editorial Among the many issues raised by Beth Clifton’s ANIMALS 24-7 essay “Why pit bulls will break your heart,” published yesterday at, is whether ANIMALS 24-7 is obsessed about pit bull issues that most of the humane community prefers to ignore. Indeed, of the first 350 articles posted by ANIMALS 24-7 in five months … [Read More...]

Post-Fukushima lawsuit may reshape the politics of animal welfare in Japan

             TOKYO––Aftershocks from the March 11, 2011 earthquake that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan long since faded into occasional tremors. Debris from the tsunami that followed has mostly been cleared away, except in the no-man’s-land surrounding the stricken Fukushima nuclear reactor complex. But repercussions for animals … [Read More...]

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Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council hires former ASPCA president Ed Sayres

           WASHINGTON D.C.––The board of directors of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, the lobbying umbrella for pet stores and breeders, on August 20, 2014 “voted to offer the positions of President and CEO to Ed Sayres,” PIJAC announced two days later. The choice of Ed Sayres to lead PIJAC was immediately controversial both with … [Read More...]

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Trooper at five weeks.  (BC)

Why pit bulls will break your heart

by Beth Clifton There is a strong argument to be made that pit bulls are the most abused and exploited dogs ever, the only breed used extensively in dogfighting and baiting bulls and wildlife, far more likely than any other breed to be neglected and––even if not used in fighting or baiting––five times more likely to suffer from violent abuse. Certainly pit bulls are the most overbred dogs … [Read More...]

The promotional phrase "Respect Your Dinner" was among the aspects of Hoofin' It that most offended vegetarian and vegan activists.

How HSUS sponsorship of a meatfest in Denver overshadowed announcement of reforms by the world’s largest food producer

             DENVER, WASHINGTON D.C.––Co-sponsored by the Humane Society of the U.S., The Hoofin’ It culinary tour in Denver attracted fewer than 400 participants during four days in August 2014. The controversy it stirred had by mid-September 2014 raged for more than four weeks, attracting in excess of 1,000 blog posts. Explained Denver Eater blogger Andra Zeppelin, “Hoofin' It, … [Read More...]

Cat-Chick Mercy for Animals

World’s largest mayonnaise maker to seek end to culling male chicks

            LONDON, ROTTERDAM, WASHINGTON D.C.––Unilever, the world's largest maker of egg-based mayonnaise, on September 2, 2014 announced that it will lead a global initiative to end the culling of newly hatched male chicks. “We are aware of the concerns raised about [how] breeders of egg-laying hens eliminate male chicks,” Unilever posted to the corporate animal welfare policy web site … [Read More...]


Managing Community Cats: A Guide for Municipal Leaders

Humane Society of the U.S. Free download from: 33 pages, paperback. $10 if ordered from: Reviewed by Merritt Clifton Managing Community Cats: A Guide for Municipal Leaders is in most respects the endorsement of neuter/return feral cat … [Read More...]